Sonic the Hedgehog…Movie Star?

Hollywood isn’t exactly known for bringing new and fresh ideas to the silver screen these days. So far every comic book and Y.A novel has been ripe for the picking when it comes to adaptations for the box office and video games are no exception. The problem has been that most movies based on game franchises, for lack of a better word, suck. There are of course exceptions to the rule, Resident Evil was enjoyable, or at least the first one was. But for every Resident Evil Hollywood has churned out a host of bombs like Doom, House of the Dead, and all the R.E. sequels (seriously why do they keep making these!?). I have no idea if the Sonic the Hedgehog movie will be any good, if I had to guess I would say that it probably won’t be. If the movie is somehow successful it begs the question, what’s next? There are several game franchises that would translate incredibly well to the big screen, maybe Hollywood should take a look at these.

  • Call of Duty: This is a franchise that would rake in millions at the box office! No matter which era the movie is set (WWII, Modern Warfare, Infinite Warfare) there is a good enough story for an action packed and gripping action movie. Just don’t let Michael Bay anywhere near this series and you have a gold mine!
  • Heavy Rain: Like drama and intrigue? Heavy Rain has it in spades. This game could be turned into a modern film noir classic in the right hands. Under the creative eye of a director like David Fincher, Clint Eastwood, or Christopher Nolan this adaptation could be Oscar worthy!
  • God of War: Why hasn’t this happened yet? Revenge, violence, sex, this movie has it all! I can see Jason Momoa (Game of Thrones, Justice League) playing the titular character Kratos. Go ahead and get Zack Snyder to direct if you have to, but this movie would put 300 to shame.
  • Guitar Hero: Hear me out before you start trolling! Can you imagine a great rags to riches story in the vein of Rockstar? Or the hilarious meltdowns of This is Spinal Tap? I can! People love an underdog and success story and how can you get better than going from cover band to selling out Madison Square Garden. Not to mention all the drama and comedy in between.

You might notice a lack of RPG’s, well that’s on purpose. Games like Skyrim, Zelda, Final Fantasy, or my personal favorite Chrono Trigger are just too big and plot heavy to be done right on film. I don’t know if the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie will be any good, needless to say I have my doubts. The good news is that while the Hollywood industrial machine can’t and won’t be stopped, there is a ton of great source material available in the world of video games.

Telltale Games listen up!

Telltale Games has been knocking episodic content out of the park since 2005, most notably with The Walking Dead series. With the most recent release of Batman: The Telltale Series and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy on the way in 2017, I wanted to pitch some ideas before a slew of superhero titles floods the market. So if any execs from Telltale are reading, I’ll accept a credit and 5% profit share.


  1. Stranger Things – This series is just screaming to be made into a video game. With a large cast of interesting characters and compelling story lines there is a treasure trove of content waiting to be explored. Finally, it would be creepy as Hell, and everyone can use a little creepiness in their lives.
  2. Prison Break – What’s more hardcore than being in prison? Escaping from prison! Granted this particular entry doesn’t really require the television show’s backing or name, it would just be a really cool setting. Imagine trying to decide if you should bribe a guard, or shank another inmate who might snitch. There are tons of avenues and themes available to work with. Just don’t drop the soap.
  3. Wet Hot American Summer – Okay, I can hear what you are saying but hear me out. You are at summer camp, your sole mission is to hook up with as many people as possible all while taking part in the ridiculous hi-jinks of the counselors. What would you do? How about take the speed boat for a spin, or help take down a satellite, or perform at the talent show all while navigating teenage hormones and drama. This game would write itself!

Whatever Telltale Games has in the works, even if it isn’t the obvious instant classics listed above. I’m sure that we as gamers are in for some quality good times.

The Switch and what you need to know.

Hello everyone, it is I, Adrian the Masterful Dude of Dudeliness. As you may know, I’ve been keen on the Nintendo Switch and been keeping tabs on what I’d like to know and as such what I assume you’d like to know. Mainly, the latest news of the left Joy-Con controller having problems with the switch itself. A lot of YouTubers and some articles are claiming to have this issue. It is commonly known as a desyncing glitch. Now, here’s the glitch switch, the Joy-Con has to be covered and ten feet away from the switch for it to trigger the de-sync. Personally, I don’t find it a big deal. What I find concerning is the fact that Dragon Quest is going to use 32 Gbs of memory to play on your switch. That’s just absurd, but let’s remember while the switch has a default 32 gb internal memory like it’s brother the Wiiu, it allows upgradeable memory by way of SD cards.



At launch, the pickings are slim, but there will be a steady flow of games throughout the year. Currently, the spin is over 100 games in development. I’ll be doing an unboxing at the midnight release on my YouTube channel CanonFire, along with hopefully soon gameplay footage of the two games I bought which are Legend of Zelda and Ultra Bomberman R. Until next time, folks.

An interview with our leader, Chrissy Sauvage

Adrian: What’s your first console?

Chrissy: The SNES, I don’t remember which birthday it was.

Adrian: Did you fall in love with gaming immediately or did it take a bit?

Chrissy: Immediately and when I started playing super mario world, I made my mom play for me, the scary castle with the ghosts. I’d also get mad at her if she died.

Adrian: Is gaming one of your only passions?

Chrissy: No, I like drawing, writing and my dog.

Adrian: What inspired you to create New Game +?

Chrissy: Honestly, a lot of reviewers and other sites are bullshit. I’ve seen a lack of integrity in all of the gaming industry. Look at Call Of Duty, it’s constantly getting 9s and 10s because their paid for! I’m not a bullshitter, and I always have something to say, and I’m funny and I’m witty.

Adrian: and you pity all who cannot be you. What’s your favorite gaming memory?

Chrissy: It involves a friend of mine that passed involving Final Fantasy X. Getting 9999 damage was pretty rare but he was watching me beat the final boss and he couldn’t believe the damage I was doing. You kinda had to be there moments.

Adrian: One last question, and it is a two parter so in reality two questions but what is your favorite game and your most hated game?

Chrissy: I don’t really have a favorite game but a tie between fandoms of Final Fantasy and Resident Evil. I hated RE6 but I love mercenaries mode and I grew to love RE7.

Adrian: And your most hated?

Chrissy: I’m not really sure yet. I’ll have to think about it. Maybe I should write about it. In a funny, witty way.



Resident Evil 7: Not A Hero DLC Leaked Info

Datamine, returning character, new enemies, and more.


While perusing the internet looking for anything new about the upcoming RE7 DLC content, I found a lot of theories – and quite a bit of information. While some of it is most likely speculation, there is also a lot of information that can go either way. Everything from here on out is strictly labeled as a SPOILER so don’t read on if you don’t wish to be spoiled. Continue reading “Resident Evil 7: Not A Hero DLC Leaked Info”

Banned Footage Vol. 2 Trophy List

Banned Footage Vol. 2 Trophy List

Eye in the Sky (Bronze)
Complete 21.

Card Shark (Bronze)
Complete Survival mode in 21.

You Gotta Know When To Hold ‘Em (Silver)
Complete Survival+ mode in 21.

Butterfly Effect (Bronze)
Get the bad ending in Daughters.

One Instinct: Survival (Silver)
Get the true ending in Daughters.

Don’t Keep the Man Waiting (Bronze)
Clear a stage with a 10 minute time bonus or higher in Jack’s 55th Birthday.

Miracle Chef (Bronze)
Feed Jack every type of food and drink in Jack’s 55th Birthday.

Best Birthday Ever (Silver)
Get an S Rank or higher on all stages in Jack’s 55th Birthday.