To switch or not that is the question.

So the Nintendo switch has arrived and I did an unboxing for it and been playing wherever and whenever I can. Which is the beauty of the switch isn’t it? For me, personally, legend of Zelda has so far lived up to the hype, it definitely is one of the hardest and most fulfilling games I’ve ever played, however, the switch does suffer from some minor issues, battery life is as what was reported. I’ve yet to have an issue with the joy-cons. They are great in my hands, and I have minor arthritis and some friends enjoy how separate the controllers can be used similar to the Wii. Breath of the wild is a fantastic game and it runs better in handheld form than on my tv so that’s how it’s been. I got super bomberman r and that pales in comparison to legend of Zelda. So should you get the switch? In my opinion? No, I’d wait till a bundle around Christmas time. I love my Switch but objectively speaking, it needs more at time of release.

The Switch and what you need to know.

Hello everyone, it is I, Adrian the Masterful Dude of Dudeliness. As you may know, I’ve been keen on the Nintendo Switch and been keeping tabs on what I’d like to know and as such what I assume you’d like to know. Mainly, the latest news of the left Joy-Con controller having problems with the switch itself. A lot of YouTubers and some articles are claiming to have this issue. It is commonly known as a desyncing glitch. Now, here’s the glitch switch, the Joy-Con has to be covered and ten feet away from the switch for it to trigger the de-sync. Personally, I don’t find it a big deal. What I find concerning is the fact that Dragon Quest is going to use 32 Gbs of memory to play on your switch. That’s just absurd, but let’s remember while the switch has a default 32 gb internal memory like it’s brother the Wiiu, it allows upgradeable memory by way of SD cards.



At launch, the pickings are slim, but there will be a steady flow of games throughout the year. Currently, the spin is over 100 games in development. I’ll be doing an unboxing at the midnight release on my YouTube channel CanonFire, along with hopefully soon gameplay footage of the two games I bought which are Legend of Zelda and Ultra Bomberman R. Until next time, folks.

An interview with our leader, Chrissy Sauvage

Adrian: What’s your first console?

Chrissy: The SNES, I don’t remember which birthday it was.

Adrian: Did you fall in love with gaming immediately or did it take a bit?

Chrissy: Immediately and when I started playing super mario world, I made my mom play for me, the scary castle with the ghosts. I’d also get mad at her if she died.

Adrian: Is gaming one of your only passions?

Chrissy: No, I like drawing, writing and my dog.

Adrian: What inspired you to create New Game +?

Chrissy: Honestly, a lot of reviewers and other sites are bullshit. I’ve seen a lack of integrity in all of the gaming industry. Look at Call Of Duty, it’s constantly getting 9s and 10s because their paid for! I’m not a bullshitter, and I always have something to say, and I’m funny and I’m witty.

Adrian: and you pity all who cannot be you. What’s your favorite gaming memory?

Chrissy: It involves a friend of mine that passed involving Final Fantasy X. Getting 9999 damage was pretty rare but he was watching me beat the final boss and he couldn’t believe the damage I was doing. You kinda had to be there moments.

Adrian: One last question, and it is a two parter so in reality two questions but what is your favorite game and your most hated game?

Chrissy: I don’t really have a favorite game but a tie between fandoms of Final Fantasy and Resident Evil. I hated RE6 but I love mercenaries mode and I grew to love RE7.

Adrian: And your most hated?

Chrissy: I’m not really sure yet. I’ll have to think about it. Maybe I should write about it. In a funny, witty way.



For Honor closed beta reactions.

So where to begin? I’ve been hype for this game since debut trailer at E3 2015 and my friend gave me a closed beta code which was a mission and a half in of itself to find for uplay because as we all know, uplay is God awful for anyone trying to use it. Anyway, downloaded the beta, took an hour and change on a wired 60 mbps Internet connection. A little over 25gb.

 So the beta opens with the same e3 story trailer showing off the new villain which is apparently female Ares with a forgettable name and some good old forgettable plot monologue. That doesn’t matter to me, I want to play.

And then a tutorial, mandatory one at that. You can’t change the button configuration, nor put subtitles on, nor skip the opening cutscene on each battle which gets wicked annoying the more you get kicked during them. Adversely, my friend which you can follow on his YouTube channel GameBoiz, Broski had a great time, reported few kicks compared to me. I had to go to a wireless connection to even get games in.

Aside from the negatives, there’s potential there. I just can’t recommend buying it day one when the beta has this many problems on balancing and server issues. The game is fun but people running away from a losing battle to ambush you with 3 other opponents is not fun and gets annoying really quick.


I’m no longer buying it day one.

Every piece of news I’ve got on the Nintendo Switch

If you’ve been busy shooting, questing or jumping on any of the various games that came out this past Christmas season, who can blame you to miss out on Nintendo’s latest console; the Nintendo switch.  Continue reading “Every piece of news I’ve got on the Nintendo Switch”

A Microsoft Helping Indeed!

From now until mid January, customers who redeem an Xbox gift card on their account and then call in claiming that they’re trying to buy gold with the gift card will be given a free code for the amount of time they were trying to buy and still be allowed to keep the money on their Microsoft account. So for example let’s say I put $60 on my Microsoft account and I call in claiming that I did it so I could buy a year of gold, they will issue a code 12 mo of XBLG and let me keep the $60.

Enjoy and happy gaming!

Shooting the Way to your Heart.

In this day and age, there’s probably twenty video games released every week, and of those twenty, at least ten are shooters. I’ve recently been playing Titanfall 2, a fun game and with DLC done right. Cosmetic stuff is paid for but new maps are free. The way it should be done. However, it’s been sandwiched in between the yearly Battlefield and Call of Duty releases which allows it to get lost in the shuffle.  Continue reading “Shooting the Way to your Heart.”