Hidden Agenda – A Truly Hidden Agenda?

If anyone has played That’s You!, then you understand how fun a party game can be. One of the greatest aspects of That’s You! is the fact that you could play this game with anyone – anywhere in the world.


Then we hear about Hidden Agenda – a thriller that boasts multiplayer. Up to six people can play. We hear about how choices affect the game, and how one person has their own ‘hidden agenda’ at any given time, and it affects the story, as well as other characters.

My friends and couldn’t wait to play this. One even woke up before work to play it. Bear in mind that we’re in different states. After a weird download initiative (17 hours, to 300 minutes, to 38 minutes), we boot the game up to play together.

We go to the PlayLink app, and we go to play the game. It says searching, and then says we’re each in charge.

We’re each in charge of our own system. We spent some time trying to figure out how to join someone else’s game, or how to figure out who was the host.

There is no way to do this.

For a game that touted ‘multiplayer’ ‘social’ and ‘up to six people’ there is absolutely no indication that it’s local multiplayer only. I decided to try and find out where it says that it’s only local multiplayer, and I saw that Eurogamer speculated it was local multiplayer – in an article from June.

The Playstation Store itself says nothing about it being a local multiplayer game in the information, just that up to six can join and influence the narrative.

Now my question is, did Supermassive Games have a Hidden Agenda with their marketing and buzzwords to sell games?

Author: Chrissy

Chrissy enjoys gaming, writing, and thinks she has an awesome sense of humor. Expect her to find a way of combining everything. Or die trying.

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