Destiny 2: electric boogaloo

Hello, it’s been a long time since I wrote for this awesome blog. Forgive me folks, I got like 3 jobs. Anyway, enough whining.

If you know me, you’ll know how much I despised destiny 1… so for those who don’t, here we go.


I bought into the hype, when it was first announced, a bungie game that wasn’t halo, that was multiplatform, and it was going to be huge! Ah, the hype train of this generation.

I got destiny 1 in a midnight release, I was happy, then the more I played, the more i realized every critic giving it average scores were correct, it was an average game at best, at worst it was a hollow story with more grimoire cards than a collection of DC deck building games. Hidden behind a paywall, there was disc locked dlc and I got out before the expansion passes started coming out.

Destiny 2 tries to fix itself, but it feels hollow. The opening tutorial is hectic and war like with more scripted moments than all of uncharted 1 and really “funny” lines from generic leader guy. It just felt more of the same with forced exposition of a hackneyed story that still doesn’t make sense, in regards to the light and such. The multiplayer is fun i guess. In as much as generic capture the flag games in a 6v6 can feel on a map smaller than the pimple on my ass. What sucks is I’m going to have to get the game. Let me explain, my best friend called me out on my bluff. I said I’d never get destiny again, he said what if I gave you the money, and here we are, he gave me the money, and I’m going to play a game that is the same as the first one, with more dialogue.

I don’t even have time to explain why I don’t have time to explain why I’m not hyped. Oh wait, just did. Take care folks, be seeing you.

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