Games, Games Everywhere.

Have you ever looked at your collection and realized how many games you actually really had, even though it doesn’t feel like that much?

Ever sit there and calculate the costs, and actually cringe a little at how much you’ve spent up to now?

Then a summer sale *coughs*steam*coughs* or any sale throws any and all logic out the window. Because you really can’t beat those deals, amiright?

However, I did finally sit down to give a good look at how many games I still have to play.

I was actually unimpressed with the fact that I own so many games that I haven’t touched. And yet … I’ve purchased more. 

The following lists are in no particular order, just a gentle (or not so gentle) reminder of how much money I’ve spent, but not really gotten much out of it. Ouch.

I still have yet to beat:
Horizon Zero Dawn (it was spoiled for me, I’m still salty as hell)
Dark Cloud
Resident Evil 5 & 6
Kingdom Hearts
Final Fantasy VIII
Resident Evil Revelations 2
Dragon Ball Xenoverse
Mass Effect
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
Watch Dogs 2
Mirror’s Edge
Spec Ops: The Line

What I have yet to touch:
Batman: The Telltale series
The Last Guardian
The other KH games that came in that bundle (like 6 others?)
Mirror’s Edge Catalyst
Tomb Raider
Final Fantasy VI
Final Fantasy IX
Darksiders 1 & 2
Metro 2033
Dying Light
Resident Evil 0 & 1 release on PS4

What I’ve preordered:
Crash Bandicoot

What I’m eyeing:

In my defense – some of these games were purchased on current gen so I could go back and revisit the magic … although they haven’t been revisited yet. Others I got on a fantastic sale, however I just haven’t given them any love yet. It’s kind of embarrassing.

I think I need a support group. Or maybe I should start one.

So many games to play, so little time. Maybe my retirement will be shaped by what games I have left to play. Or I just need to get my hand on that time turner Hermione used.

Author: Chrissy

Chrissy enjoys gaming, writing, and thinks she has an awesome sense of humor. Expect her to find a way of combining everything. Or die trying.

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