Thunderstorms and Heart Failure

It was a dark and stormy night.

Well, not when I had gone to bed – although it was dark. But there was that day that we had this insane thunderstorm pop up at like 5 am. It lit up the entire house like a Roman Candle. I had gone to get a drink, but there was no light in the kitchen. Or anywhere else in the house, for that matter. Until the lightning struck again. Then the house was briefly illuminated with an electric blue hue until it went black as quickly as it was lit. 

I didn’t think anything of it – in fact, I went back to bed.

I got up the next morning, and the power was back on. Went to work, and everything was great. Until I got home.

I turned my PC on. Monitor went right on, but my PC didn’t. I thought it was strange, because everything was connected to a surge protector. I unplugged it, thinking it needed a refresh.

Nothing. The monitor was still on, though.

I figured that maybe something was up with the outlet. I moved it to another. Still nothing.

So I opened it up and hit it with the compressed air. There was some dust in there, so I figured maybe it needed that. Tried to boot again. Nothing. Pulled the RAM out, nothing.

My heart stopped for a second, then sank.

Near tears, I contacted a friend who is godly with PCs. He walked me through some troubleshooting. Still nothing.

I managed to get hold of the friend who helped me build it. She tried to help, and still nothing. At this point I had taken everything apart and plugged it back in to no avail. I was ready to write an obituary and mourn for this PC that hadn’t been on this earth for a year yet. While staring at its guts, I noticed the battery on the motherboard that I hadn’t really given much thought to. I figured what the hell, I had popped everything else out, might as well try switching the battery.

I plugged everything back in, pressed the ‘power’ button, and it immediately hummed back to life.

I wasted four excruciating hours while on the brink of a mental breakdown, all to find that it was a battery issue.

Maybe every horror story really does start with a dark and stormy night.

Author: Chrissy

Chrissy enjoys gaming, writing, and thinks she has an awesome sense of humor. Expect her to find a way of combining everything. Or die trying.

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