Failure to Launch?

Launching a new console is a huge undertaking, and one fraught with risk to boot. There are many things that can hinder a new gaming console as it comes out of the gate. Maybe it’s under-powered like the Nintendo Wii was when it was released against the PS3 and Xbox 360. Or maybe it has technical issues much like the red ring of death. To my knowledge there is only one thing that can sink a console faster even than weak or buggy hardware, and that is a lack of good games to play.

This was the unfortunate fate of systems way ahead of their time like the Sega Dreamcast. Actually this happened to almost every Sega console after the Genesis, poor Sega. The Dreamcast was a powerful system with a slew of cool features that almost nobody took advantage of. The Dreamcast died a quiet death with only a few good games while Playstation and Xbox solidified their dominance of the console market. The Switch it seems might be on the same path.

Okay that last one might be a bit of an overstatement. The Nintendo Switch has some big name titles lined up to be released within the coming year. But there is no denying that Nintendo’s latest foray into the console arena has had a bit of a slow start. The Switch launched with ten titles to choose from, this is the smallest selection of launch titles since the GameCube which released with twelve. Almost every other system has been released with between 14 (PS3) and 27 games (PS2). Nintendo’s competition, Xbox and Playstation released 22 and 25 games respectively on the current generation of consoles, more than double then that of the Switch.

“But surely it is quality over quantity!” I can hear you saying. I agree, although of all the games released with the system there are maybe three that I would consider purchasing and playing. Truth be told I personally am not a huge Zelda fan (please be gentle in the comment section!) so that limits the appeal of the Switch significantly already. However I would be willing to check out I am Setsuna for my RPG fix. I also have fond memories of playing Bomberman with my college roommates so I would shell out the cash for that one too. Finally I might take a chance with the racer Fast RMX but that about does it for appealing games that I might like to play. This means I would have to wait for some good titles to come out while Nintendo’s competition pump out quality games themselves that will cut into my allotted playtime. That could leave my newly acquired Switch collecting dust on my shelf like many other systems I have owned.

In all honesty guys, I really don’t think the Switch will fail as a system. The concept is too cool and I know that there will be some great blockbuster titles released in the near future. Although it has had an undeniably slow start in regard to games, so did the Super Nintendo, and that still the remains the best system ever made! So get on your horse Nintendo and come out with some sweet games so that my points as the Devil’s advocate are rendered false!

Author: shenanigans85

I am an old school gamer that was hooked when my Dad rented a Nintendo console for the first time (yes you used to be able to rent consoles). Chrono Trigger is the best game to ever grace this earth and I won't accept any argument against it. I also like long walks on the beach, and the word osteoporosis.

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