To switch or not that is the question.

So the Nintendo switch has arrived and I did an unboxing for it and been playing wherever and whenever I can. Which is the beauty of the switch isn’t it? For me, personally, legend of Zelda has so far lived up to the hype, it definitely is one of the hardest and most fulfilling games I’ve ever played, however, the switch does suffer from some minor issues, battery life is as what was reported. I’ve yet to have an issue with the joy-cons. They are great in my hands, and I have minor arthritis and some friends enjoy how separate the controllers can be used similar to the Wii. Breath of the wild is a fantastic game and it runs better in handheld form than on my tv so that’s how it’s been. I got super bomberman r and that pales in comparison to legend of Zelda. So should you get the switch? In my opinion? No, I’d wait till a bundle around Christmas time. I love my Switch but objectively speaking, it needs more at time of release.

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