The Switch and what you need to know.

Hello everyone, it is I, Adrian the Masterful Dude of Dudeliness. As you may know, I’ve been keen on the Nintendo Switch and been keeping tabs on what I’d like to know and as such what I assume you’d like to know. Mainly, the latest news of the left Joy-Con controller having problems with the switch itself. A lot of YouTubers and some articles are claiming to have this issue. It is commonly known as a desyncing glitch. Now, here’s the glitch switch, the Joy-Con has to be covered and ten feet away from the switch for it to trigger the de-sync. Personally, I don’t find it a big deal. What I find concerning is the fact that Dragon Quest is going to use 32 Gbs of memory to play on your switch. That’s just absurd, but let’s remember while the switch has a default 32 gb internal memory like it’s brother the Wiiu, it allows upgradeable memory by way of SD cards.



At launch, the pickings are slim, but there will be a steady flow of games throughout the year. Currently, the spin is over 100 games in development. I’ll be doing an unboxing at the midnight release on my YouTube channel CanonFire, along with hopefully soon gameplay footage of the two games I bought which are Legend of Zelda and Ultra Bomberman R. Until next time, folks.

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