An interview with our leader, Chrissy Sauvage

Adrian: What’s your first console?

Chrissy: The SNES, I don’t remember which birthday it was.

Adrian: Did you fall in love with gaming immediately or did it take a bit?

Chrissy: Immediately and when I started playing super mario world, I made my mom play for me, the scary castle with the ghosts. I’d also get mad at her if she died.

Adrian: Is gaming one of your only passions?

Chrissy: No, I like drawing, writing and my dog.

Adrian: What inspired you to create New Game +?

Chrissy: Honestly, a lot of reviewers and other sites are bullshit. I’ve seen a lack of integrity in all of the gaming industry. Look at Call Of Duty, it’s constantly getting 9s and 10s because their paid for! I’m not a bullshitter, and I always have something to say, and I’m funny and I’m witty.

Adrian: and you pity all who cannot be you. What’s your favorite gaming memory?

Chrissy: It involves a friend of mine that passed involving Final Fantasy X. Getting 9999 damage was pretty rare but he was watching me beat the final boss and he couldn’t believe the damage I was doing. You kinda had to be there moments.

Adrian: One last question, and it is a two parter so in reality two questions but what is your favorite game and your most hated game?

Chrissy: I don’t really have a favorite game but a tie between fandoms of Final Fantasy and Resident Evil. I hated RE6 but I love mercenaries mode and I grew to love RE7.

Adrian: And your most hated?

Chrissy: I’m not really sure yet. I’ll have to think about it. Maybe I should write about it. In a funny, witty way.



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