Shitty Attitudes in Gaming

The internet is a great thing. Glorious, really. It’s an information super highway that allows us to connect with anyone – and in some cases, anything. For the sake of this article and not getting too distracted with running on tangents – we’ll just focus on gaming. Naturally.

While shitty attitudes towards games have always existed – and some for good reason – there’s another sect of gamers that I’ve noticed that have become prominent. And annoying. They seem to go hand-in-hand with another type of gamer.

So today, I join among their ranks as I complain about the complainers that also need to remind us how much they hate it every time we mention a specific game. So do yourself a favor and read on, as it’s time for my shitty opinion.


Whenever you’re trolling the internet looking for news on a game, there is always at least one person – or several handfuls – already complaining about the game. They complain about … well, pretty much everything. What makes this more annoying is the fact that most of the time these people are complaining about a game that hasn’t even been released yet.

On the other hand – and I see this a ton on Facebook – when a game has been released, and people are either enjoying it, or hyped about it, it’s generally the same people shitting on the game – over and over and over.

While both types of whiny gamers are pretty common – I find the second type to be even more annoying than the first, as I tend to see them commenting more often. Every time someone mentions a game they like or that they are excited to play, you have that one person that has to let everyone know they don’t like it.

That’s fine. You’re allowed to have a different opinion.

Then when another person is playing the same aforementioned but asks for help on a certain part, that same person has to comment on that post and remind everyone that they didn’t like that game.

We got it the first time, but OK, then.

You have another person that has beaten this same game, and they want to discuss the story or other various facets of the game. Yet again, same person has to remind us that they didn’t like the game. At this point –

No one. Fucking. Cares. 

I get it – we all get it – that not every game is going to tickle your pickle. I also stand behind the fact that you are allowed to have an opinion different from mine and others, but if your sole purpose is to just shit on a game because you didn’t like it, it tells everyone you have nothing worthwhile to offer to the discussion. It’s the infinite negativity spewed forth that gets stale pretty quickly.

Obviously everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I would also be a hypocrite if I said I haven’t prematurely judged a game or series at least a handful of times (or more) that I recall, but I never went out of my way to constantly let people know that I thought it was shit. I actually had better stuff to do. What’s not acceptable is the people that are constantly shitting on the enjoyment of others. It’s actually really annoying, and people are definitely making fun of them behind their backs. I know I am.

Yet, go figure, these people that like to shit on everything tend to be the ones who think their opinions matter the most.

So if  you don’t like a game (or book, movie, anything) – that’s perfectly fine. There is absolutely nothing wrong with making the statement, because you’ll always have at least some chorus of agreement regardless of the side you’re on.

But if it’s your life mission to whine more than my four year old cousin, then God, do I wish I had your problems.






Author: Chrissy

Chrissy enjoys gaming, writing, and thinks she has an awesome sense of humor. Expect her to find a way of combining everything. Or die trying.

1 thought on “Shitty Attitudes in Gaming”

  1. Preach. I’m seeing it more and more. Everyone’s allowed to have an opinion, but after a certain point, if I wanted it then I’d ask. There’s also usually no follow up information – at least with the comments I see. Just a straight “That game sucks,” which is a horrible way to 1, get others into a game (or not), and 2, to have an actual conversation about it.

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