Resident Evil 7 DLC News


Resident Evil 7 has yet to drop (a week from this posting, actually) but it hasn’t stopped information (and playthroughs. and the ending.) from leaking. While I won’t post that (at least not yet) I was able to get ahold of some upcoming DLC information.

Due to the wording of the DLC and information accompanying it, some people may find it to be potentially spoilerish, so I’m going to include the info after the jump. Read at your own risk!

There is free DLC coming out in May. It’s not the main character of RE7, but it’s supposed to be a different character whose story fills in events or plot holes in RE7. Free DLC is called ‘Not a Hero.’

There are already three DLC packs to be released this year, but they’re paid, running at $29.99 for the season pass. Individual DLC will cost you a little more as opposed to the season pass. Full information detailing the coming DLCs have not been made known.

There is more info on the paid DLC:
DLC 1: Banned Footage Vol. 1:
-Nightmare [new gameplay scenario]
-Bedroom [new gameplay scenario]
-Ethan Must Die [new game mode]

DLC 2: Banned Footage Vol. 2:
-21 [new gameplay scenario]
-Daughters [new gameplay scenario]
-Jack’s 55th Birthday [new game mode]

DLC 3: Additional Story Episode – possibly an expansion of the base game. It is currently unknown as to whether or not it will star Ethan or a new character.

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