Every piece of news I’ve got on the Nintendo Switch

If you’ve been busy shooting, questing or jumping on any of the various games that came out this past Christmas season, who can blame you to miss out on Nintendo’s latest console; the Nintendo switch. 

Aside from the clickbait article, I have legit news amidst all the rumors that are always conflicting whenever a console joins the fray. The definitive news is that Nintendo will be having one of their classic online treehouse live with every single piece of info confirmed on January 12th, 2017. The following day is another treehouse featuring the software that will be released on the switch.

Now here’s the fun, sexy Internet rumor stuff. The switch will be cartridge based, about the same size as a 3ds cartridge. It can run unreal engine 4 smoothly when docked and from software commented that dark souls 3 runs well enough to their standards on the switch. We will be getting GameCube VC on the switch, it will run significantly slower when out of dock and lastly, the price. It is estimated to be at 215 dollars American considering the price that a Japanese newspaper has it rumored at a 25,000 yen. We’ll find out more on January 12th, 2017. Happy gaming.

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