The Trouble With RPGs

I love RPGs. I like the stories, all the quests, I like getting dropped into this huge open world that I get to explore. I enjoy getting to figure out just who my character is going to be based on my upgrades. I’d probably like them even better if I could actually play them.

For the sake of brevity, I’ll mostly stick to one of the most popular RPGs, Final Fantasy. Just yesterday, I received my copy of Final Fantasy XV in the mail from Amazon. As I put it on the shelf (next to the FFXIII trilogy, no less), I joked with my wife, “Now we have another Final Fantasy that we wanted, but will never play”. It was an innocent joke, but it was rooted in truth. I love Final Fantasy, but I never really play it.

I’ve started a game on every entry in the numbered series, but I’ve rarely finished them. I beat FFI years ago on GameBoy Advance. I nearly beat II, even made it to the last boss, but wasn’t strong enough, and refused to backtrack and grind (that one is on me). I couldn’t get into III or V, but I loved IV, and I beat it on the PSP (Never did beat The After Years, though). FFVI is widely hailed to be one of the best games in the series, but I only made it as far as Mt. Kolts.

I did manage to beat Final Fantasy VII, but only when it came to the PC port for PS4. I have no qualms telling you I used the cheats. 3X speed and God mode were always on, and if I was in a hurry, I’d turn off random battles. When I heard FFIX was coming to PC, I hoped the cheats would make a return as well, so I could actually beat that one, too. VIII is right up my alley (I’m a sucker for a good romance), but I started it, enjoyed what I played, then put it down and never got around to getting back. The same happened with X, XII, and XIII (which I actually almost finished).

Now Final Fantasy XV rests on the shelf, another RPG in a collection of games I will probably never finish (including Witcher III, Chrono Trigger, Persona, and Suikoden). It’s not that I don’t want to play them, it’s that I don’t have any time.

I didn’t have many consoles and games as a kid, so I’ve always felt like I’ve been playing catch up for years when I got into gaming ten years ago. If I’d had a SNES as a kid, I might’ve finished Chrono Trigger or Final Fantasy III (VI) just because games were expensive and I had no source of income. But now I’m an adult who doesn’t have the time to devote 50-70 hours to a single game. Games don’t stop coming out and I have a short attention span. Grinding is a chore. If it wasn’t, I’d probably spend at least 5 hours on the game each day and finish it quickly.

So if anyone knows an RPG that grabs me by my face and says, “I’m not letting go until you see credits,” let me know. Otherwise, I’ll just keep collecting them.

Author: Matt Mobley

A gamer constantly playing catch up.

1 thought on “The Trouble With RPGs”

  1. I know those feels – I don’t think I’ve ever beaten a single FF title, though part of that is due to spoilers because of how long it took me to play. The Bioware games can be a lot less grindy in my experience, especially the earlier ones. Neverwinter Nights in particular feels more like a tabletop RPG (because it is) and the same goes for Knights of the Old Republic I & II. KotOR II is personally a favorite of mine.

    I’m so glad to hear that I’m not the only one who has this relationship with FF.

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