The Devastating Loss of a Save File

Loss isn’t always easy to deal with.

Rest in Peace, Final Fantasy XV save file. We had a good run, but you just weren’t up for the task.

I remember the day I received your physical incarnation; I eagerly cradled you in my hands, and rushed to install. It took forever, but I waited.

I was so excited.

I played. And I played. And I played some more.  49 hours. Although most of the time was logged was from me being on the ‘pause’ screen because life kept happening and calling me away from you. I felt so neglectful.

We pushed through. All those hunts. The side quests. The story. The frustration with Catoblepas not dropping the damn brisket the first time, and I had to replay that hunt four times before I finally got it.

We fished. We camped. We cooked. We took pictures. The fate of the world rested in our hands.

I’m sad to admit, but you just couldn’t hack it. Somewhere down the line, you lost all of Prompto’s photographs on me. The 141 black squares were a somber, dark reminder of the memories of the progress I had been tracking. I persevered. I contacted Square Enix, but wasn’t met with anything worth noting.

But I kept trying. I tried to be positive and hope that you would right yourself, but your descent into darkness was stronger. The holiday update came, and I eagerly installed it, excited to see what was coming my way.

Instead, I was met with glitches. Things were happening that weren’t supposed to happen. Loading times that seemed to go on forever. Freezing. The camera getting stuck at weird angles.

You tried. You gave it all your might. It wasn’t enough. But I had a decision to make.

It was with a heavy heart that I finally decided to delete you like you deleted my photographs.

December 15, 2016 – December 21, 2016
49 hours young.

Author: Chrissy

Chrissy enjoys gaming, writing, and thinks she has an awesome sense of humor. Expect her to find a way of combining everything. Or die trying.

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