Shooting the Way to your Heart.

In this day and age, there’s probably twenty video games released every week, and of those twenty, at least ten are shooters. I’ve recently been playing Titanfall 2, a fun game and with DLC done right. Cosmetic stuff is paid for but new maps are free. The way it should be done. However, it’s been sandwiched in between the yearly Battlefield and Call of Duty releases which allows it to get lost in the shuffle. 

At its core, Titanfall 2 plays like a copy and paste of Call of Duty, however it does things differently in terms of its campaign and progression system. The campaign is oddly the closest thing I can compare it to is the animated classic The Iron Giant, and that’s not a bad thing. Few campaigns actually work on pulling on your heartstrings but BT, the name of your titan, is charismatic in a way that doesn’t come off as insincere. The setting, on the other hand, is your standard space marine flare. Empire vs rebellion – so to be on the nose of Star Wars – and the rebels are the good guys, and that’s the side you’re on, of course. The story runs at about 5 hours if you don’t play at the harder difficulties and no collectibles.

In every shooter, it’s the multiplayer that is the draw. Highly addicting and easy to level up. I love progression which this game has loads of, unfortunately it is also why I don’t desire to play Overwatch, since there’s no progression there. In Titanfall 2, it has perks for each gun, two additional perks for your class, and a slew of colors and designs for your titan, player, and weapons.  I’ve spent a lot of time here as I continue to move past the bevy of other unfinished games collecting dust. It’s fast, really fast. Even some of the titans are fast, and those lumbering behemoths are fun as hell to pilot. The time to kill is fast, the spawning is fast. Instant gratification is immediately satisfied compared to battlefield 1 which takes a long time and forces you to choose which gun to unlock and accessory like grenades.

I highly recommend this game, if not solely because it isn’t too time consuming, and it brings fun back into gaming.

Titanfall 2 is on Playstation 4 and Xbox 1.

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