Achievement Unlocked: First Post

An introductory post for any type of public social media account is always difficult to compose. You have to find your target market and establish yourself to your demographic. Too boring, and they lose interest before finishing the first paragraph. Too over the top, and you can set yourself up for disappointment when you can’t meet the bar you’ve set.

There are thousands upon thousands of gaming blogs out there. What would make New Game Plus any different?

Well, in addition to gaming news and honest reviews, harder-hitting topics will be covered – along with a shift in how information is shared.


We choose to focus on the gamer. Not only do we want feedback to help us grow, but we want to include you and your content. We want the community to take part in the content, we don’t want to give a one-sided discussion. The best way to bring the community together is to give everyone a voice.

We look forward to providing the community with a unique and fair outlook with all things gaming related, and we hope you enjoy the content put forth.

Happy gaming!

Author: Chrissy

Chrissy enjoys gaming, writing, and thinks she has an awesome sense of humor. Expect her to find a way of combining everything. Or die trying.

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